Sliding Gate

All sliding barrier are space efficient security barriers, with a compact design, yet offer sufficient space to integrate any access control system. It can be mounted with display, passage counter, card reader, token operation, traffic lights, command console, alarm system against unauthorised entries, interfaced with a PC through a RS232 (RS485, TCP-IP) line. The unique swing arm feature provides a fail-safe safety solution in case of an emergency or power failure, providing egress in case of crisis evacuations. Durability with minimal maintenance means years and millions of trouble free passages. The barrier creates a secure environment in, for example, a reception area. Our barriers are used in applications including stadiums and arenas, perimeter and interior security, recreation and amusement parks, retail crowd control, transit fare collection and lobby access control.


Product Models

ATO Series

BTO Series


Features and Benefits




  • Housing: Made in metal sheet and painted, or in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316
  • Barrier arms: Stainless steel
  • Lid (optional): Stainless steel or artificial stone (black / brown)

Color & Finishes

  • High quality powder coating plus lacquered finish
  • Dark gray color high quality powder coating plus lacquered finish
  • Sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect


  • Heavy duty design for 24 hours continuous application
  • Heavy duty pull type solenoid
  • Indoor and/or outdoor application
  • High durability with industrial parts


Operating Modes

  • Single passage in the set direction
  • Bi-directional single passage
  • Power Supply : 220~240V
  • Free passage in the set direction
  • Always free or locked

Electro-magnetic Drive Motor

1. Three million times or above test for electro-magnetic drive
2. Overheat and overload protection for motor
3. Quiet and stable running
4. Strong mechanism

Sample Diagram